Five AM Art and Merchandise (October)

Five AM Art and Merchandise is located in the East Village of Calgary, Alberta and is hands down one of my favourite galleries in YYC. Five AM is a "gallery, shop & studio committed to finding unconventional methods of bringing contemporary art and creativity into people's lives." From artist designed goods, exhibitions to special events 5AM is definitely a welcoming breath of fresh air with their mix of contemporary art and commerce. If you can't make the opening on October 20th the show will be up till November 5th so grab a coffee across the street and check them out!

I am thrilled, honored and totally intimated to being invited to participate in this group show with some of Calgary's most prolific artists. The concept of the group show was that each artist would be paired with another artist and then they would create a portrait of each other simple as that! I was paired with comic artist Jillian Fleck whose work and friendship have rocked me to my core for years. Jillian is such a humorous and complicated person I wanted to do something that captured both of those traits that make Jillian who she is. I also wanted to make a portrait that was inspired by my animation influence which is currently dominating my studio for the past year. 

1. SmearCampaign_Jensen.jpg


In animation, there is this technique that animators are obsessed with (me including) called a "smear" which can create some pretty bizarre drawings! A smear is a depiction of movement in a single frame to create a burst of speed. Often times a smear will create a blur effect in a single frame of motion. In my drawing  "Smear Campaign of Jillian Fleck," you'll get a little taste of this bizarre effect that smears can create.

See you on Friday!