SUGARTOWN is an animated short to be finished in March 2018. Here are some preliminary character designs. 

SUGARTOWN is set in a bizarre and untamed garden in the bloom of spring. The characters in this animation are strange animal/monster/female hybrids; they are charmingly monstrous and represent the notion of being an “other”. SUGARTOWN has strong feminist overtones and uses abstract sensibilities to create a highly stylized animation that carries a deeper message about the power of sisterhood.

SUGARTOWN is a humorous investigation of the complexities of female friendships, and the intimate spaces in which those relationships take place. The lush and untamed garden becomes a metaphor for this intimate feminized space that becomes the setting of bizarre event between swans and bat hybrid creatures.  I have always been interested how the “feminine” manifests in nature, be it within the confines of an elegant Victorian gardens or wild enchanted forests, and how the gendering of nature has been portrayed throughout history, art, mythology and folklore.