“By the light of the Pink Moon”

Anna and Audrey are in their bedroom, dressed in nightgowns, eating their bedtime snack of cookies and strawberry milk. They only ever drink strawberry milk. Guests of the house are invited to join the girls for snacks and gush about their biggest dreams, what they want to be when they grow up, who they’re crushing on, and who they loathe; an insight into the innocence and malice of young babes.

The personalities of Anna and Audrey were developed after a series of collaborations between Natasha and Christina. Anna and Audrey mingle fact and fiction, pulling elements from the true lives of Natasha and Christina before diverging on a pathway of fiction and façade. They are sisters who are continuously exploring their youth and sexuality in a passive aggressive relationship. They have the bodies of 24-year-old women, the personalities of giggly schoolgirls, and the sexual curiosity of a 16-year old young lady. They are best friends and they share everything.

This performance will take place in one of the bedrooms of the Bed and Breakfast. We will adorn the bedroom in canopies, little lights, pink blankets, and soft pillows. No damage will be done to the bedroom, it will be easy to install and remove. There is no script for this piece, it is all improvised and determined by the level of involvement from our audience. To encourage their willingness to participate, (in the spirit of classic childhood rituals) sharing cookies and milk is intended to stir up nostalgia and encourage moments of sincere camaraderie between those in the bedroom.

While this proposal could be adjusted to fit into a series of cabaret performances, it would be much better suited as a performance that played out over the course of the evening. Guests would be allowed to come and go as they pleased, joining in on our conversations and sharing strawberry milk and cookies with us beneath the canopy of the bed. This intimate setting with only one or two audience members at a time will allow for some sincere divulging of secrets.